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25/05/2020 12:18

www.veritasse.co.uk has had a total make-over and site re-designed and launched today. We invite you to have a look at it at www.veritasse.co.uk

www.veritasse.co.uk has had a total make-over and the whole site is completely re-designed, running on a new host company's Linux server, with newer Wordpress, new Potter theme (mobile-friendly) and an online shop containing over 130 products, featuring 9 different formats. It's fast and it's performing very well so far. Now it's ready to take some of your orders for the customer, which sells Christian art from over 20 artists in UK and USA. It's called "Veritasse". Means truth. With an "e".

To visit the new website, click here.

Already Google stats is showing a marked upturn in interest and views of the new website; including over 1,700 new views of the Homepage, shop and Artists page and a 89% recent increase in page views as opposed to same period one month ago. There has already been a new interest and flurry of new orders from new customers.

Homepage of Veritasse website

Online shop for Veritasse Ltd, Christian arts