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20/09/2017 14:25

Wordpress being a very popular web page editor, suffers from being a main target of the global hacker.

Wordpress is vulnerable to malicious attacks. Attackers can "guess" your admin login details or hack into your site some other way, particularly if they see that your website code is quite old. It is advisable to update your Wordpress version to the latest version (it is ALWAYS being updated) and the plug-in code used will also need to be updated.

However, doing all of the above, in practice will not make your website safe and secure.

You will need some other advice from a security expert.

Recently, I was hired to remove a hacking from a wordpress site, bring it back to a normal working state from back-ups, and then implement sufficient changes to stop it happening again. I did all of this within the space of one week, and charged just one day's work for it.

The result is one happy customer, with a FULLY WORKING and SECURE wordpress website again.