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03/04/2020 16:24

We have developed a new Wordpress website and shop for a limited company called Veritasse Ltd, who sell artwork online. We are using the latest version of Wordpress, with a Woocommerce shop and a mobile friendly Wordpress theme.

We have supported this customer, Veritasse Ltd, with their website needs using lately Wordpress and Woocommerce for over 5 years now, maintaining an older site first and replacing it with a new site in May 2020.

From 2015 to 2017, "fire-fighting" remedial work to rescue a hacked Wordpress website and having to re-install it as it got lost on the previous web developer's server as result of a cyber attack.

In 2017, involved us in the maintenance of a nearly 10 year Wordpress website but its performance was improved by moving it to a new server, and made it much more secure by installing plug-ins to protect against unauthorised login and a firewall security program to stop hackers breaking into the code.

In 2020, we built a brand new Wordpress website and replacing an older WP-Commerce solution with the more flexible Woocommerce plug-in. Since this is all built in a new web space on newer servers, running the latest PHP (7.0) and Wordpress versions (currently 5.6) and with a powerful ecommerce solution, called Woocommerce - it runs faster and is more secure than before. The customised theme template is called Potter. The advantages are considerable. The shop's catalog view is very clean and attractive and professional looking. The image thumbnails for each original artwork and painting display much faster than before. And the interface to the payment gateway (mainly Paypal at the moment) is much slicker than before. The previous website had a customer order form that was unwieldy and slow to fill in, which made the whole ordering process slow and clunky, and there was a long delay before the Paypal page appears. All this has been replaced and the customer experience is much improved.


This includes:-

  • Mobile-friendly site.
  • Built in CMS.
  • Speed of use.
  • Multiple menus (Primary, Footer).
  • Multiple templates (Full width, sidebar right)
  • Powerful document management system.
  • Powerful media library, easily searchable by tag or title.
  • Flexibility, durability and feature-rich. Regularly updated.
  • Login to allow ease of changing any page or post or product.
  • Ecommerce payment methods available; card, cheque, transfer or paypal
  • Built in online shop contains over 100 variable products in 9 variations or formats, other products not in shop (e.g. Originals, using pages and galleries)
  • Social media links (to link via a widget in sidebar and social sharing buttons)
  • Newsletter (or via Mailchimp link)
  • Contact page (using a form if desired, not in use here)
  • Email addresses; all stages of order processing communicated by email to customer and to website manager.
  • Multiple media galleries and slide-shows to showcase all products in colour
  • Mobile-friendly theme chosen and recommended, called Potter
  • Configurable widgets (e.g. for recent news, Facebook Like) can easily be added to sidebar area on any page and in Footer area
  • Privacy policy and GDPR compliant
  • Cookie notice
  • Fully managed
  • Backups regularly taken. Automatic daily. Full manually weekly and stored offline
  • Fully secured
  • Security software prevents and locks unauthorised attacks and usage
  • Login protected from brute force entry