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CMS Websites we have builtYou may find that a few web pages is not enough space to describe your business. If you outgrow this and need more pages, you may want a larger website (like this one you are viewing - it has 20-30 pages and it is not limited to this size).

A multi-page website like this one you are viewing today, is an example of a CMS-type website. There is no limit to the number of pages. It can be edited as many times as you like. You will have the given the ability via a separate login to make unlimited edits to every page on your website. You can add more of your own photographs and images. You can add more pages later or remove pages later, if they become out-of-date. You can change your product descriptions, change your prices, or add completely new products.

Your website will incorporate a CMS ("Content Management System") making it a very flexible and powerful system (see Feature list) which handles the text and pictures on each page of your website. You can edit each page using a simple web-based editor. You can access and edit your website from anywhere in the world using any common browser. You do not need to be a techie to edit your website at all.

We will help you select and we will register a suitable company name on the internet (called a "domain name"). If you have one already, we can transfer it for free. We will ask you briefly by phone or email to describe your business to us, and provide some text and maybe some photographs. We will setup the main web pages; Home, About, News, Links, Contact and add a Google Map - if people need to find you. We can also setup a photo gallery for you (if needed). We will also provide basic editing training and a simple manual to describe how to edit the website.

You will also get phone and email support for the contract period agreed (usual minimum term is 12 months) to help you get used to your new website. Most people who have used a computer word processor like Microsoft Word, find it quite easy to learn how to do this themselves and an electronic copy of a short user manual can be provided.

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