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Starter Websites

We will design for you a simple brochure website to advertise your small business and to get you started on the internet, but if you wish to store a lot of information on your website, please consider the CMS website product instead.

We will design and create a website for you and support it for you for a minimum contract period of 18 months. The website can contain up to 5 pages to advertise your business. You may then add the web address to your stationery, Google and Yell listing, and outgoing emails.

We suggest you have the following on the page:-

  • Your business logo or business name (if you do not have a logo). A tag line can be added underneath to help describe what your business does or what it sells.
  • Header colour - your choice. You can provide a rectangular image sized 750 px wide by 150 pixels wide in JPG or GIF format and we will use that as the header image. This can contain the logo image that you wish to use or the logo can be expressed non-pictorially in text form.
  • Website Title - should always mention what you are first rather than your name (e.g. Websites for small businesses : Normal Consultancy Ltd) as search engines use this information.
  • A brief description in text form of your business
  • A brief portfolio of work (in images) or list of product examples or work completed (if you offer a service) - this can be added on the Home page or on the "About" page.
  • Contact details (any details that you give will be added ; Phone number, email address, business address). For security, some details may be withheld as agreed.
  • A map (or directions) may be needed, if your customer has to find you.

Cost to design & install a small business website with maximum 5 pages is £250 + costs

We will set it up and we will host your site for you. We include registration of a company name on the internet (one "domain"). This is the domain registration. If you have a domain, we can transfer it for free. We will ask you briefly (by phone or email) to describe your business to us, and provide some text and maybe some photographs. We will setup the main web pages; Home, About, News, Links, Contact and add a Google Map if people need to find you. We can also setup a photo gallery for you (if needed). You will also get phone and email support for the contract period agreed (usual minimum term is 18 months). This cost is tax-deductible as long as your site does not contain Ecommerce function. Act now and put your company on the internet map making it visible to everyone on Google. The design fee is payable in advance in order to book your website and start the design process and consultation meetings to allow specifications to be agreed.

+ £6 per Month - Maintenance Fee (payable for minimum contract terms of 18 months

  • all program updates needed (plug-ins and core code)
  • includes domain registration fee (.org  .org.uk  .co..uk)   .com extra charges apply
  • includes hosting charge (includes 1GB web space)
  • includes regular data backups 

We then usually pass on at renewal the hosting charge for you to pay direct to the hosting company at the end of the contract term (usually min. of 18 months). Any further development required outside of first 3 months of setup is chargeable at our hourly rate which is £15 per hour.  Full contract terms available on request.

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