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Computer Repairs


Central town centre location: For ease of dropping off your PC and for safe (Covid secure) collections on weekdays :  9am - 4pm. Evening work can be arranged for Tuesdays and Fridays (if needed & urgent). All our computer repairs and upgrades are carefully performed by an expert computer engineer A+/ MCP qualified with over 30 years experience in the computer industry incl. 7 years PC support in Sussex and programming/Web developer for large businesses. 

BUSINESS : We offer a competitive Monthly IT support contract; with a £60* charge per networked desktop PC per calendar month or we can charge on a PAYG basis of £60* per incident (to include travel charge within local area, which is 25 miles radius of Newtown). This includes first 30 mins onsite work for assessment of the problem on one PC. Further work onsite is chargeable at £30 per hour (onsite) or £20 per hour (if work can be continued on remote call). Repeat work is also chargeable even if the PC has been called out and repaired once in the last month. For call-outs outside of this area, please call to arrange.

HOME / INDIVIDUAL :      N.B. during Covid-19, we prefer to do workshop work

  • Home PC call-out rates : £40* minimum call out charge covers first 30 mins assessment period onsite work (within 15 miles Newtown only) - All further onsite work on same call is charged at £30* per hour (only simple fixes can be done onsite)
  • Workshop hourly rate £20* ph (in Newtown)
  • Remote access work £25* ph or charged at 30p* per minute if needed.
  • Drop off and collection of PC at Newtown will reduce the cost of repairs
  • Call-out charge £40* Newtown (within 15 miles),  Outside Newtown £60*

* All marked above rates are subject to 6 monthly review and the contract is re-drawn up with new rates every 6 months. These rates are subject to change and are applicable as at Jan 2021. They will increase each year in line with other costs. 

N.B. most virus repairs and hardware repairs need to be performed offsite. One initial estimate and diagnostic visit will be made and must be fully paid for at the time of call-out by cheque or cash.

Here is a list of our services to personal and business customers in the Mid-Wales area:-

  • Expert help
  • Business and Home Office Computer Support
  • Home User Computer Support, PC Support
  • Full Server and Network Support
  • Website Hosting and Website Design
  • Spyware Removal / Protection
  • Virus and Adware Removal
  • Wireless Networking / Setup
  • Computer sales & computer upgrades
  • Emergency System Recovery
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 Support
  • Windows 8 Support / Windows 10 Support
  • Desktop Maintenance
  • Software Application Programming
  • Data Transfer