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IT Support

All our computer repairs and upgrades are carefully performed by an expert computer engineer A+/ MCP qualified with over 25 years experience in the computer industry supporting small businesses incl. 7 years PC support in Sussex. For example, we have supported a surveying business and a roofing business over many years in the Sussex region as well as working for large corporate companies and software houses. Our engineer has many year's programming and Web development exp. for large businesses. 

BUSINESS : We offer a competitive monthly IT support contract, costing £50 per PC per calendar month or, if you prefer, we can charge on a PAYG basis. 

1). Monthly method of payment:

The monthly support includes a pre-arranged daytime (normal working hours 9am - 5pm, on Mondays to Fridays, not bank holidays) onsite visit of one day per month to perform scheduled maintenance work and onsite check-ups (max. time 30 mins per PC). The preventative maintenance work includes, but may be extended by agreement as needed:-

  • Antivirus updates
  • Backups
  • Clean-ups
  • Integrity checks of hard disk and File systems

Other work is charged at our hourly rate of £25* per hour onsite. If you want to reduce the cost of extra work, this can be done by providing remote access. The hourly rate for remote access work is currently provided at £15* per whole hour. We can also charge per minute (25p* per minute) if the calls are shorter than one hour. We will install a remote log-in software program on each networked PC and the server PC to allow us to remotely login daytime or evenings to do maintenance work and to do back-ups and to reboot the server (if necessary). We will install a recommended established program like TeamViewer or LogMeIn. 

Monthly support has the following advantages:-

  • Fixed amount for budgeting purposes (reviewed every 6 months).
  • Single point of contact.
  • Reduced communication time and hassle.
  • One engineer to give keys to, give passwords to, allow remote access, allow door access and give out server passwords to, change of passwords etc.
  • A contract locks you into a fixed cost for a six month period.

* All marked above rates are subject to 6 monthly review and the contract is re-drawn up with new rates every 6 months. These rates are subject to change and are applicable as at June 2016. They will increase each year in line with other costs.

Weekend or Bank holidays work is not available unless offered. If there is an emergency even, the work may have to be completed remotely. If agreed, it is chargeable at much higher rate.

Evening work (other than remote) is not offered unless pre-arranged. Even in an emergency, remote access will be used rather than evening call-out as a solution to a problem. If agreed, it is chargeable at a much higher rate (due to anti-social nature of working after 6pm)

2). Pay as you go (PAYG)

If you prefer a PAYG arrangement, and pay per incident (call-out), we charge a minimum of £50* per call-out to businesses for first 30 mins (maximum distance of travel is 25 miles from Newtown) and then the hourly rate onsite is £25* per hour. Remote work is charged at lower rate of £15* per hour or 25p* per minute to help keep costs down. We can arrange special rates for morning or afternoon blocks (3 hours each) or whole day (max. 6 hours) call-outs, if they are booked in advance. These blocks of time can be paid for in advance and we then log our time against this pre-payment, or the jobs completed can be individually invoiced with a detailed log of PC's ID fixed and the description of the work completed to allow monitoring of cost of each PC on a network. Older PC's will inevitably cost more to maintain and so may be replaced with a newer model if the repair cost increases. Remote maintenance will be preferred as it keeps down costs and reduces travel time allowing more work to be completed for our customers.

The advantages of PAYG are:-

  • One month may include no IT support costs
  • Maintenance work can be skipped if using new PC's
  • An alternative cheaper engineer can be booked if cheaper or available quicker
  • A bank of engineers can be contacted to do PAYG work on same network
  • Any contract is reviewed monthly. There may be no fixed written agreement.

* All marked rates above are subject to a regular monthly review, to compare rates to the current market and any contract (if in existence) is re-drawn up with new rates every month. These rates are subject to change and are applicable as at June 2016. The rates of labour will increase each year in line with other inflation and other costs (e.g. fuel and hence travel costs).

Here is a list of our services to our business customers in the Mid-Wales area:-

  • Expert help (MCP and A+ qualified engineer with hardware & support exp.)
  • Business and Home Office Computer Support
  • Home User Computer Support
  • PC Support
  • Full Server and Network Support
  • Website Hosting and Website Design
  • Spyware Removal / Protection
  • Virus and Adware Removal
  • Wireless Networking / Setup
  • Computer sales & computer upgrades
  • Emergency System Recovery
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 Support
  • Windows 8 Support / Windows 10 Support
  • Desktop Maintenance
  • Software Application Programming
  • Data Transfer
  • Backup